Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Who is America Adjusters Group?

America Adjusters Group is a professional, dedicated team of insurance loss adjusters and public adjusters operating in North and South America,  representing the insured in the settlement of commercial claims.

Q - Why do I need them?

INSURANCE COMPANIES PAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Just as you would go to an accountant to handle an audit, AAG  is there to sift through the flood of bureaucratic procedures, red tape and countless unforeseen headaches that come with settling an insurance claim.

But doesn't my insurance company already have people who do this?

Your insurance company will supply you with their own in-house adjuster who may seem agreeable in processing your claim, more times than not, he will prove inefficient in getting you paid for what you consider the fair value of your loss.  It is not possible for the in-house adjuster to be impartial when he is compensated by the insurance company.

What sets AAG apart from other public adjusting firms?

America Adjusters Group is a fully-staffed company which has built a reputation on supplying the personalized attention your claim deserves. Backed by support services ranging from structural and geo-technical engineers, construction estimators as well as environmental technicians, fungus and mold specialists, and forensic accountants, we are perfectly integrated and in touch with the community of experts you will most likely need in the process of settling your claim. Unlike the other firms, our adjuster assessing your claim on the first day of the loss is the same person who will see you throughout the entire process of the adjustment. brazilian hair

What will AAG's services cost me?

AAG's fee is based on a small percentage of your total settlement which is payable only when you receive your reimbursement. Since working with us will enable you to obtain a larger settlement than you would be able to receive by working on your own. It's important to remember, AAG receives compensation only when you receive compensation for your loss.

At what point should I retain AAG?

The answer is IMMEDIATELY: Most frequently, insured parties do nothing and wait to see what the insurance company offers them. Only after considerable time and energy is expended on the often frustrating claims process does the insured turn to professional insurance loss consultants to remedy what has become a logistical nightmare of paper work and SUBSTANDARD OFFERS. We can help at this point with success, however, we are unable to do as much as would have been possible had we been retained from the beginning. GAIN THE UPPER HAND IN YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM NOW.


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