At America Adjusters Group, our goal is to help you when disaster strikes. We will quickly explain your current policy and coverage, file the claim for you, represent your interests, and get you the highest settlement amount. You are our client and your interests come first. Our expertise in managing claims will free you from time consuming, emotional struggles so you can focus on getting your business and life back on track. We know what to look for, are familiar with the confusing and complex insurance language, to get results so you will receive adequate compensation for your loss.
AAG independently assesses your loss and our experts examine the magnitude of your claim. We coordinate services, activities, evaluate policy terms and conditions, and quantify your individual loss.  Our role is to minimize your trouble, stress and time. If commercial property is damaged or destroyed and you decide to file a claim with your insurance company without representation, be prepared to spend a large amount of precious time and energy on the entire claims process. Preparation of structural documentation, lists of items damaged or lost, and costs or repair or replace those items will be your responsibility.

We Can Help

According to your insurance policy and the contract it represents between you and your insurance company, you have certain specific obligations and requirements to meet in order to receive compensation.  We are familiar with these obligations and requirements and will help you fulfill them in the required manner, with the least amount of time and trouble for you.

Immediately After A Loss

  • Take as many photographs as possible of the way things look before you start cleaning up.
  • Protect your property from further damage by moving items to a safer place, boarding up windows, and patching holes in walls or roofs.
  • Keep receipts for items you buy to clean or protect your property (such as tarpaulins, plywood, etc.). Many policies will reimburse you for these costs.

After carefully considering the type of loss you have incurred you must file a formal written Proof of Loss from which your carrier will begin claim consideration process. Knowing the type of loss incurred as it relates to your coverage and describing the event that caused the loss accordingly are critical steps to ensure your loss is covered.
Your next responsibility is to assess the loss by documenting the extent of damages and the costs to repair. If you own a business you will need to consider the loss of your business income, ongoing expenses, and special extended costs related to mitigation and repairs. The insurance company will typically send an Adjuster to represent them, their objective is to determine the terms of the claim and assess damage from the carrier’s perspective. They are either employees or hired independent insurance adjusters working for your insurance company protecting their interests. Remember, the insurance industry is the wealthiest industry in the world and achieved that status by keeping more of the money they collect.
It is the insurance company’s responsibility to determine and prove why any portion of your claim is not covered or why they may only pay part of that claim, so it is critical you have proof and reason of your own to show why your claim is valid. Your America Adjusters Group Insurance adjuster will represent you throughout the claim process from the initial evaluation and preparation of your Proof of Loss through negotiating and collecting insurance proceeds on your behalf.

You will have peace of mind in knowing your claim will be handled by a professional who can speak the same language as your insurance company adjuster. Similar to hiring a professional to handle your legal or tax challenges, we are here to help you manage your insurance claim. hair extensions

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