What We Do

So what exactly is an Insurance Claims Consultant?

Simply stated, an insurance claims consultant works exclusively on your behalf to move your loss through the maze of policy conditions, insurance company red tape and other procedures required to obtain a proper settlement, therefore, allowing you to restore your property as quickly as possible.
The adjuster that your insurance company assigns to your claim is there to assess the damages that his employer will cover, using all the skills and tools available to ensure the least cost and inconvenience to the insurance company.
With a loss consultant, you can rest assured that you will receive a more advantageous and timely settlement than you would have obtained on your own.

How we can help you resolve and rebuild!

Mission Statement
America Adjusters Group,Chile/USA based insurance claim consultants; we solely represent the interests of you, the insured.  We adjust claims for business interruptions and structural damage involving earthquakes, fire, theft, vandalism and hurricane damage.
We act as the constant advocate and advisor for our clients' needs immediately following the loss through the final settlement of their claims.
A total commitment to our clients’ satisfaction.
The interest of our clients are fully covered by an "umbrella approach" which we utilize in settling all of our claims, no matter the scope of service required. AAG professional insurance claim consultants advise and communicate with clients during every step of the adjustment process. We are present at all meetings with insurance companies, their adjusters, experts and contractors, yet no settlement will ever be agreed upon without complete client approval.
AAG utilizes cutting edge adjusting technology in the field and in our offices that assist us in settling our clients' claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The Umbrella Approach

AAG utilizes an "umbrella" approach for settling our clients' claims. This means we keep a permanent  group of professionals retained to proficiently handle any area of an insured's loss, this includes legal counsel, structural engineering, forensic accounting and structural estimators.
Once you have signed on with AAG, we hit the ground running, immediately and systematically laying the foundation upon which your settlement will be built.

Representation in your time of need
We know the physical, emotional and financial strife a loss can bring to bear on our clients, we strongly believe that restoring stability to your Business is the most important thing we can do for you while we get into the heart of the claim adjustment.
Next we bring in our range of experts, including structural engineers, forensic accountants, estimators and your contractors for walk-throughs, in an attempt to obtain the agreement of everyone as to the extent of the damage to the property and the requirements to rehabilitate your property.
Estimates are then prepared by our professional construction estimators. This is closely followed by AAG taking a complete inventory of business property loss items.  From office equipment, to custom factory equipment, AAG has prepared thousands of inventories and makes sure every item, no matter how insignificant, is included on your claim.
In the case of suspected structural instability following a severe earthquake or fire, your property is inspected by an engineer and tested for hazardous materials as necessary. Your AAG adjuster then moves on to assemble the raw data and reports from all sources to obtain a comprehensive overview of the loss.
At this point we work closely with you to put together detailed schedules for your loss of business or rental income claim and move swiftly into negotiations with your insurance company for the final settlement.
Cutting through the red tape on your behalf! brazilian hair

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